Delfis software

Delfis software

To capture images generated by sensors and process them Eidosolutions has developed its own Delfis software; it interfaces with multiple x-ray image acquisition systems such as cameras, 2D sensors and linear sensors.

Delfis is fully developed within Eidosolutions with constant enhancements, upgrades and new features (even customized).

The underlying philosophy of this software is to provide a slim and intuitive interface; The learning curve is very fast and after an 8 hour course and a few days of practice the operator is able to use most of the features with good command.

Main funtions

Sensors calibration

The calibration and correction of the image generated by the sensor are of fundamental importance for the best quality and sharpness; with dedicated tools and specifically developed algorithms Delfis obtains the maximum information from the sensor.

For each sensor model Delfis offers specific corrections and calibrations; The operator has complete control and with a little experience he can calibrate the sensor in impeccable way.

EDF filter

Modern sensors provide up to 16 bits of information for each pixel of the image, these data can not be displayed on monitors and perceived by the human eye; it is therefore indispensable to process the image with math filters.

The EDF (Eidosolutions Dynamic Filter) filter has been specially developed to maximize the information contained in the digital image in an automated manner, without asking the operator to use any parameter.

ASTM E2737

All the tests required by the ASTM E2737 standard for the evaluation of the digital sensor characteristics can be performed through the appropriate window.

Defect detection

With the intervention of the operator, the software can identify defects and provide geometric and statistical information about them.

Reference defects

Reference defects from international standards or provided by the customer may be displayed to assist the operator in comparing. The defects are dimensioned appropriately on the basis of the image magnifying factor.

Software name comes from ancient Greek word δελφίς (delfi/s), that is “dolphin”.

Ask information or report a bug

If you are a Delfis user and had a problem, tell us using the below module.