Computed tomography

Thanks to the tomographic process, it is possible to obtain a three-dimensional reconstruction of the object being analyzed.

The tomographic reconstruction process is characterized by two phases: initially the system captures the images of the object by rotating it around its axis, then the software uses the images to generate the three-dimensional model; the reconstructed object can then be analyzed in its entirety, measured, checked for defects, compared with CAD models and more

Applicazioni d'esempio

Aluminum castings

With our standard systems, resolutions up to 0.1mm can be obtained and sufficient quality for measurements with tolerances of ± 0.15mm. The Quick Scan mode allows you to finish the scan phase in just 15 seconds allowing you to locate inside the reconstructed volume details of even just 0.3mm; More accurate and higher quality scans can take from one minute to a few dozen minutes.

If equipped with micro-focus and high resolutions sensors, our standard systems allow resolutions up to 10μm with tolerances of ± 50μm.

Plastics and composites

The use of low energies allows to obtain reconstructions with high contrast and sharpness; The use of micro-focus and high-resolution sensors on specially designed systems allows micrometric resolutions.

Scientific research

Exploring the world with resolutions under the micron using low power micro-focus but with under micron focal spots that allow high magnifications.


In-house investigations of connectors, probes and electronic devices to verify their assembly, retrofitting or discovering the cause of a malfunction.

Volume Graphics

We use and resell Volume Graphics software for the reconstruction and analysis of the 3D model.

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