Eidosolutions team

Eidosolutions s.r.l. born thanks to decades of experience in the field of industrial X-ray of a group of willing technicians; dynamism and internal flexibility allow to offer our customers both ‘catalog’ products as well fully customized solutions designed and produced on specific requests.

Eidosolutions headquarter in Besnate (VA)

What does EIDO mean?

Eidos is an ancient greek word that has the meaning of ‘image’, ‘picture’ and ‘idea’; the term eidomatics, the discipline that uses computer graphics, also comes from this word.

What X-ray are

An electromagnetic radiation that has the ability to cross the material losing energy depending on the type of penetrated material and to its thickness; this makes possible to generate with special sensors a grayscale image that represents what was crossed.

Our philosophy

We handle the research, design and realization of the product taking on the responsibility to find the ideal solution using the best available technology; our attention to detail starts listening carefully to customers, helping them to choose the best product it can help to meet their needs, continues with a clear and calibrated choice for each component of the product, it finally realizes in the construction of the plant and remains alive in the maintenance service.

Eidosolutions founders

Our main partners

We purchase components from the best manufacturers in the world to get the best image quality and build robust systems that require low and simple maintenance