Melissa software

Melissa software

All Eidosolutions equipment implement a large number of subsystems such as motors, IO modules, X-ray devices, security modules, and more. Melissa aims to interface with these systems and allow the user to use the unit in the simplest and most effective possible way by providing the necessary functions.

Melissa is entirely developed within Eidosolutions with constant enhancements, upgrades and new features (even customized).

The underlying philosophy of this software is to provide a very simple and intuitive interface that can be easily used with touch monitor; The learning curve is very fast and after an 8 hour course and a few days of practice the operator is able to use most of the features with good mastery.

Main functions

Users access

The software provides 3 levels of access that can be assigned to users who are logged in by the administrator; each level allows access to some functions and negates others. The administrator can decide for the main functions of the program, which is the minimum user level to be able to use them.

For example, it is possible to decide that a manual cycle can only start a level 2 user, while the diagnostics is reserved for level 3; to start the production cycle is enough for a 1st level instead.

This management allows operators to be accountable based on their actual skills and gives the administrator sufficient flexibility to decide ‘who can do what’.

Preventive maintenance

The software may periodically remind operators to carry out regular maintenance work; Simple cabin cleaning every week, sensor calibration every month, or semi-annual maintenance of the high voltage cable.

The administrator can decide what these interventions are, creating new ones and assigning them the periodicity, indicating also the minimum level of the user who can validate that the maintenance has actually been made.

The software warns of the imminent expiration until it inhibits the use of the system if maintenance is not validated when it expires.


It is possible to check the operation of any device connected to the system with simple tests and checks; When a device does not seem to work the system suggests the main controls to be made to replicate its operation.

Function buttons

Through the software you can assign to the console buttons specific functions, that is, the preferred and most used by the operators during the cycles.

Automatic calibration

Melissa can calibrate the sensor connected to the system with an automatic cycle without the intervention of the operator.

You can decide which calibrations to perform before starting the procedure.

Software name comes from ancient Greek word μέλισσα (mélissa), that is “honey bee”.

Ask information or report a bug

If you are a Melissa user and had a problem, tell us using the below module.