What we offer

Full service on our equipment and systems both by phone or e-mail; however if you have a system from another manufacturer is required to provide as much information, you may be asked to send us pictures, product codes and/or serial numbers. We will take action as quickly as possible to solve the problem.

Types of assistance

Ordinary maintenance

Typically once a year it is recommended to carry out a general check of the equipment to keep all the systems in good condition and avoid breakage or damage; concurrently all Eidosolutions installed software are updated to the latest version for free.

Extraordinary maintenance

Request a non-programmed maintenance intervention to check the operation of the equipment or some single device.


We can make, whenever possible, repairs at the customer or, upon delivery, in our laboratories in Besnate.

Ask assistance

Contact us through the form below stating your details and what you need, one of our technicians will contact you shortly.