Eidosolutions manufactures fully customized systems to meet the customer’s specific needs. Here you can see some examples of systems already built and installed for different applications.

SE-S1 cabinet

The SE-S1 cabinet is designed for electronic parts inspection; the system allows up to 10 components per cycle and uses a high resolution image intensifier and a microfocus source.

At the end of the verification cycle for each loaded component a LED reports the result so that the operator can deposit the waste into the appropriate binder.

  • sealed 90kV microfocus
  • high resolution image intensifier and digital camera
  • brushless motors
  • part presence photocells
  • led indicators for result
  • clever reject box

GE-S1 cabinet

The GE-S1 cabinet is used to inspect aeronautical fusions with radiography technique; it is equipped with a microfocus source with panoramic rod anode.

Individual exposures can be made or semi-automatic programs linked to the single technique of particular part can be created.

  • 225kV open type microfocus
  • panoramic rod anode
  • brushless motors

In-line HS-S1 equipment

The HS-S1 belt system is specifically designed for automatic on-line inspection of rubber parts.

The use of high-resolution microfocus and sensor allows the identification of defects with a few dozen micron dimensions.

  • high resolution TDI sensor
  • microfocus
  • in-line inspection cycle
  • automatic analysis
  • rejects blower

TE-S1 cabinet

The TE-S1 cabinet is specifically designed to inspect welds on tubes of different shapes and sizes.

The ceiling-hung C-arc allows to inspect a wide variety of tubes with longitudinal, circumferential welding and fittings in different positions.

  • 225kV system
  • pipe inspection up to 7 meters
  • double wall sensitivity <2%
  • C-arc manipulator hanging from the ceiling

CI-S1 cabinet

The CI-S1 cabinet is specifically designed to inspect medical clothes of different shapes and sizes.

The sledding door enable to hang the clothe to test; the system scans it and takes a measurement of the absorption level.

  • 160kV system
  • clothe up to 700mm by 1300mm
  • high resolution linear sensor
  • absorption measurement of the fabric