All our products and services

A wide range of X-rays systems and services in the industrial field for quality control. We make radioscopy cabinets, tomography equipment and we provide services and assistance.

Eidosolutions tomography


The quality of the components used in our equipment allows us to achieve excellent results in tomographic scans.

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Eidosolutions Software


We internally develop all of our software; power, ease of use and fast customization are our strengths.

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Eidosolutions standard equipment

Standard equipment

Versatile and configurable units according to the specific needs, avaiable in different sizes with consideration to style too.

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Eidosolutions special equipment

Special equipment

Designed to meet the specific demands and needs of the customer; equipped with the best avaiable devices.

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Eidosolutions bunkers


Modular structures or concrete rooms with automation and power operated doors; energies up to 450kV.

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Eidosolutions systems


Devices to update old systems, portable digital sensors with acquisition and processing software.

Eidosolutions services


We can inspect samples with size up to 800mm in diameter and 1200mm in height to a maximum of 120Kg weight; we carry out both fluoroscopy services as well tomography.

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We quickly operate not only on our equipment, but also on older systems of other manufacturers; we can suggest repairs or complete updates of existing units.

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