From November 2018 Eidosolutions S.r.l. has been acquired by Gilardoni S.p.A.. The synergy between the two companies will allow us to design new products and develop new technologies in the field of industrial X-rays.

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Eidosolutions e Gilardoni

Eidosolutions and Gilardoni

Last October 31, 2018 Gilardoni Spa acquired the majority of Eidosolutions srl to give a further boost to the development and production of state-of-the-art industrial radioscopy systems, software and mechanical…

Quick tomography

Tomography scan in just 15 seconds with our ‘CT ready’ equipment. For more information about tomography and the performances for speed, resolution and quality contact us.

Eidosolutions goals

Our mission

Eidosolutions s.r.l. starts its activity thanks to decades of experience in industrial X-ray of a group of young engineers, the internal dynamics and flexibility allow the company to offer our customers both standard products and completely customized solutions designed and implemented on specifications.

Our strengths are the quality we set in our equipment, the power of our software, a fast assistance and obviously our passion in everyday work.

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Computed Tomography (CT)

Eidosolutions provides computed tomography solutions, namely the scanning and reconstruction process of the sample under examination in order to obtain a three-dimensional model to be analyzed.

The technology is avaiable on all of our standard x-ray units defined ‘CT ready’ or implemented in specially designed equipment.

Industrial X-ray equipment

We design and manufacture equipment of different sizes and with various characteristics, satisfying the needs of each customer. The choice of the X-ray source and the sensor is essential for obtaining an optimal level of quality in radiorcopiche images.


We internally develop our equipment control and image processing software; This allows us to integrate specific image processing functions and algorithms for radioscopy applications and to be able to completely customize the software.
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What customers say about us

Radioscopy and tomography servicies

We carry out X-ray and tomography services on your samples, even for small series. We have in our facility an equipment equipped both with high-power minifocus and microfocus to achieve higher resolutions.